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with Elias Kosmidis and Paparazzi aka John Papas

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The Hellenic Diaspora needed a voice … we are that voice!

Welcome to The Great Greeks Podcast, or shall we say Γειά σας και καλωσορίσατε όλοι !

You stumbled upon a unique & original Podcast, which is the culmination of two determined gentlemen from opposite sides of the globe, who have never met in person, yet formed a bond through their rich culture.

They created a platform to showcase Greek people who have become successful in their respective fields and career paths … people who are on their grind and hustling to make a name for themselves ... Men and Women who are Great, in our eyes, and who you too will hopefully find exemplary.

You see, there is a word ( Φιλότιμο ) Philotimo, which is pretty much indescribable in English, but it is considered to be the highest of all virtues for us and the standards for family & social living no matter where in the world you are.

In its simplest form, the term demonstrates one's personality and the manner in which they were raised. Actions that ensure that It is the core concept of respect and walking in right paths and describes one's behavior be great. 
To a Greek, it is essentially a way of life.

It is this that empowers our goal to open doors for all of our guests amongst other Greeks and/or Philhellenes who wish to expose them to other markets and introduce them to potential networking opportunities as well.

Join us for some amazing insights and playful banter through this comfortable popcorn style - casual conversation show.


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